Different Types Of Ice – Which Last The Longest

Imagine that you are on a yacht, you’ve just bought the personal small cooler, but you have a dilemma. Which type of ice to use? Which will last the longest? Which type will be more convenient to use? These are some fundamental questions. We’ve done a little research and now ready to give you all the information!

Who’s the Winner?

Regular ice, dry ice or ice packs – which one will maintain low temperature longer? Well, frankly speaking, this question isn’t correct, because all ice packs are not made the same. They have different size, shape, cooling ability and melting time, just because of the method of their creation. And that’s why you need to understand what is right exactly for you because it really is more about the convenience than 3 hours difference in length. And I’ll help you with that.

Regular Ice

It’s easy to make by yourself, you don’t need to spend a dime on it, all you need is just freeze some water. You can shape it any form you like to fill in the spaces. Melted water remains cold which helps to chill items inside and also it prevents the hot air to come in.

Ice Packs

Ice packs need a little preparation, but they are reusable. Just put it in a freezer the night before and by the time you have to pack your cooler, they’ll be ready. Though melted water helps cooler to stay chill, it’s quite an unpleasant experience when you have to put your hand in cold water just to get your favorite beverage. Ice packs don’t have this problem. No more lakes in your cooler, no more waterlogged meals. And it’s easy to clean the cooler after ice packs, just wipe the condensation with a cloth and it’s done.

Ice packs are also very convenient to use because you can place them at the bottom, at the top, at sides or between the items. Though it’s not only pros, there are cons as well. And some may say, that the first point, the necessity of pre-chilling the packs is a disadvantage. Moreover, people say, that to enhance the cooling performance of ice packs it’s better to pre-chill the food too.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a very strong tool for freezing your items. It is so cold, that you have to wear gloves while touching it! Dry ice is literally freezing anything it touches, so it’s good to use if you have to frost something right away. However, this doesn’t help dry ice to last longer. Mostly it is because of the fact that dry ice doesn’t melt, it evaporates. And that means that every time you open your cooler you are letting the cold gas out, which gets replaced by the warm air.


Personally, I prefer to use both regular ice and ice packs because it gives the most effective results on prolonging the life of a chilled cooler.