Palestinian city of Jenin

Palestinian city of Jenin

Perhaps, there is no other city in the Palestinian autonomy that would cause so many negative emotions among the residents of Israel. At one time, Jenin was nicknamed “the capital of terror”; moreover, it was in this city that the Israeli army suffered the most serious losses in the territories over the past decade. We are talking about the operation “Protective Wall” (more), which took place in 2002, made a lot of noise about the “atrocities of the Israeli military” and later became the theme of the movie “Jenin, Jenin”. I think that Israeli readers who know my critical attitude to the state of Israel and its politics will be somewhat surprised, but in this case I definitely think that the assault on Jenin in 2002 was necessary, because there was a true wasp nest of Islamic radicals.

Touristical Jenin

Once I have already said that living too long in one place and having studied this place thoroughly, you begin to artificially seek out “interesting things” in order to at least take something on your weekends. Any pile of historical stones, from which even an archeologist would have begun to cry, you accompany with some excerpt from the Bible and you get a folding narrator. Tired out. Especially when you are spoiled by trips around the world and can compare.

So, from the point of view of mass tourism, there is absolutely nothing to do in Jenin. A large Palestinian city with a population of about 60 thousand inhabitants, the regional center of the northern part of the autonomy. Once, in the 15th and 16th centuries, it was the fortified capital of the small Bedouin principalities that succeeded each other. Then there was the Turkish period, until 1917, when they were replaced by the British. During the first Arab-Israeli war of 1948, Iraqi troops entered Jenin. At the end of that war, the city departed Jordan, but in 1967 was captured by Israel, like the entire West Bank. Those who are interested in the events of those years and specifically the carnage of 2002, I advise you to watch the movie “Jenin, Jenin”.

Constant wars led to the fact that today in Jenin very little resembles its history. Several dozen buildings of the Turkish era in the center, a beautiful city mosque, a monument to German pilots (shot down in 1917, because, as you know, in the First World Germany and Turkey were allies, respectively, the Germans helped the Turks in their attempts to keep Palestine). That’s all.